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What is done in love is done well

Our story

The Gifting Guild was formed with a desire to offer gifts with style and substance. Gifts that are useful, beautifully designed and responsibly made.

Our name is inspired by the Craft and Merchant Guilds whose job it was to set and maintain standards for quality of goods, and the integrity of trading practices during the Middle Ages.

At The Gifting Guild, we seek to bring you high quality gift items, and excellence in customer service. We exist to make gifting easier and better for all.

All our gifts are personally wrapped by us in our custom designed gift box, and sent with a handwritten card. We can send your gift directly to your VIP, or you can choose to leave the card blank and hand deliver it in person.

Either way, they’re going to love it!

Members of The Gifting Guild

Edible Beauty Australia Love Tea Rifle Paper Co. Joco Purebaby Plant Remedy.

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We promise to give you a reason to keep us there.

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