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The New Workplace & Staying Connected

A quick update on that meeting status whilst crossing paths in the lift?  Taking clients for coffee/dinner/theatre?  Many of the things we have taken for granted in the past, are not easily available to us right now.  From those passing micro-meetings to getting a chance to talk about our families and personal interests with clients in a more leisurely setting.  And these things matter.  Because relationships matter.  And business relationships are constructed from all of those professional and personal interactions combined. 

Working permanently or just mostly from home eliminates opportunities for chance meetings and water cooler catch ups, as we aim to make our work day as efficient as possible.

Christine Janzer, Senior Director of Research and Analytics at Slack states that their research has shown “nearly half of 3,000 new remote workers surveyed, didn’t feel the same sense of belonging once they started working from home”.  Fifty percent of employees.   These are certainly exceptional times.

Creating a workplace culture that fosters connection, supports a sense of purpose not to mention its positive effect on productivity.  So how can we show humanity and create a shared experience while working from home?  Gifting is one way to do it without adding to employees already substantial screen time.  If you’d like to discuss creating a meaningful gift experience for your team or clients you can get in touch with us.

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