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Spotlight: Miss Frankie. Proving you don’t have to fake it to make it

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kara Jeffers, founder of Miss Frankie breathable nail polish. While we spoke of many things, Kara’s passion for her work and knowledge of the industry was impressive and I left convinced that natural nail enhancement is the only way forward.

It’s easy to think of our nails as ’non-living’ a bit like our hair, as we cut and chemical treat them at whim. The problem with non-breathable nail polishes and acrylics is that they cut off oxygen from your nail bed, which is the living tissue which your nail grows from. You are, in effect, suffocating a part of your body that needs oxygen to perform its function.

Kara’s extensive experience in the industry has led to her develop a polish that keeps your nail bed healthy, and doesn’t weaken your nails. It’s developed and made here in Australia and Kara is passionate and hands on when it comes to her business.

Miss Frankie passes our test for durability, shine and seriously covetable colours. Check out Miss Frankie now.

Miss Frankie product image

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