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Humanising Business

Along with strengthening ties between and companies and clients, gift giving is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation in business. There are several things to consider however, to make a positive impression.

Presentation matters

Unwrapping a gift is an important part of the experience for the recipient. The quality of the unboxing experience gives an indication to the recipient about the value of the items within.

When it comes to delivering, presenting a gift in person is a nice touch, however mailing can reduce any feelings of obligation on the part of the recipient, as well as providing some unexpected pleasure in a routine work day. Ultimately the method of delivery will depend very much on the depth of the relationship.

To logo or not to logo?

While still popular and appropriate in certain circumstances, sending company-logoed gifts is becoming less popular as research shows recipients perceive items with logos as marketing, rather than gifts. Generally speaking, it is best to avoid noticeable promotion when you want to make the impression that the gift is coming personally from you.


While most companies wait for December to hand out gifts, if you consider gifting at other times your gesture will stand out.


Do check whether the recipients company has any policy on receiving gifts. If ethics or other issues prevent you from giving a material gift, consider whether it may be appropriate to make a donation to the recipient’s favourite cause.

In short...

Give useful items, something practical that everyone can use.

Keep it simple, tasteful and appropriately timed.

Giving a gift is an act of service, and people will remember you if you approach business with a spirit of generosity.

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