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Spotlight: Edible Beauty, Fertility & Gratitude

Edible Beauty founder Anna Mitsios embarked on creating the Edible Beauty range after working as a Naturopath at a reputable natural fertility clinic in Sydney. It was here that she began thinking about the potential negative impact of some ingredients in personal care products, and what effective fertility friendly alternatives there were.

As a woman who has experienced IVF, these circumstances were familiar (although experienced from a patient perspective). After overhearing a nurse discuss avoiding certain skincare ingredients with another woman at my clinic, I did not use skin care for almost 3 years. At that time (although not that long ago) I was unable to find effective fertility friendly skincare. Given that the hormonal see-saw of IVF is not exactly complexion enhancing, it was yet another blow to my morale to go without skin care.

I am so grateful to Anna for creating Edible Beauty. I think of all the women looking to take care of themselves without compromising hormonal balance and wellbeing. And although I’m not looking for those two pink lines, I am permanently converted. I wish to care for and support my body’s natural systems regardless.

Oh, and as a mum, I’m especially grateful for anything that works while I’m sleeping. My fave...Edible Beauty’s Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse.

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